Thursday, 1 March 2012

I know the world is cruel,
And the people unkind.
But I beg you my friend,
Please don't leave me behind.
I understand things are hard,
But please see it through.
The hardest thing I can imagine,
Is a life without you.
I'll be there if you need to talk,
And don't care how long I stay.
I don't want a life without you in it,
So please don't take yourself away.
I know that things are bad,
And you are feeling unsure,
But I tell you a world without you,
Will hurt so many more.
I'll always be there,
And dry your tears with a tissue.
Don't make a permanent choice,
To solve a temporary issue.
It hurts enough to watch
You when you cry.
So please don't ever make me
Have to say goodbye.
I have already had to bury,
Many a friend.
Tell me there's no reason
You'd want your life to end.
I'd do anything you needed
To help you survive.
These are the things I would have said
If you were still alive.
I wish I knew
What made you decide.
On such an
Unnecessary suicide.

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