Sunday, 11 March 2012


Last time I lay here, you lay beside me,
Now I lay alone with emptiness inside me.
What is she has that I don't,
I know I'd give u the things she won't.
I cant explain why I feel the way I do,
I knew things wouldn't work with you.
I told myself right from the start,
You were the kind of guy to break my heart.
But try as I might I couldn't stop trying,
Smiling on the outside, while inside I was dying.
Stupidly I let down the wall,
You set me up and let me fall.
We had some great times I know,
But I stupidly let my feelings grow.
I kept trying though I knew it was a mistake,
Now I lay here alone and inside I ache.
I still don't know why I let you in,
I can't explain how I let it begin.
You made someone who was once really brave,
Feel feelings and then crumble and cave.
I used to have a heart of stone,
But now I'm terrified of dying alone.

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