Saturday, 21 March 2020

Started With a Smile

I remember it started with a smile,
When my first audition squeaked out and was vile.
The director saw something in me,
Something no-one else ever did see.
Not long after I got the call to be a dancer,
A flabbergasted yes I believe was my answer.
The smile she greeted me with on audition day,
Continued to greet me as I learnt to dance many a way.
Hercules my first show at Beenleigh,
Gave me confidence to be all I could be.
On stage, backstage and in a one act play,
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Bugsy, AEE, Jesus Christ superstar,
Helped me learn I could go far.
Dusty, Grease and Knock at the Door,
Reminded me what I got into it for.
I've been in films and TV here and overseas,
Many thanks to what I learned at BTG.
Friendships and couples have started and continue to grow,
I even convinced family to start being in shows.
Since I set foot on that stage it's been a while.
But I will always remember where it started with  a smile.

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