Saturday, 26 May 2012

FGC #16- Rondeau- Too Good to be true

Too Good To Be True To good to be true, that's what I thought, You'd think in my life that lesson would have been taught. But I tempted fate and brought on strife, And wondered where have u been all my life? For someone like you I really could have faught. What a catch I thought I had caught, And how much happiness this could have brought. Chances and risks will alway be rife. Too good to be true. Should have been careful I knew I ought, But this was something that couldn't be bought, Then you said the words that cut like a knife, You simply don't want me in your life, So I say goodbye to all I've sought. Too good to be true.


  1. Oh I enjoyed this one immensely.

  2. The refrain is perfect for the tone of everything else. It's a hard lesson to learn, though, isn't it?

  3. Once I started reading this, I imagined it as a rap. Never thought of rondeau as rap, but this reads great that way. And the refrain! Perfect. Painful, but perfect.