Saturday, 7 April 2012

FGC 2012 #9- Scarlet Red

“Red. One colour can mean so much. It can indicate love. It can indicate fire, is the colour of fire engines. It can mean danger and is also the colour of stop signs. It can also mean passion, danger or courage. In China it symbolises happiness and prosperity and is worn by a bride. However in South Africa it is the colour of mourning. Seeing red would indicate anger. Celebrities will walk a red carpet. Red is the colour of Cupid and it’s the colour of the Devil…” Scarlet’s fancy red pen was next to her crimson leather bound notebook. Her parents decision to name her Scarlet could have been the beginning of her obsession with the colour.
Her partner Jackson knew that the way to her heart was with the colour. As soon as she opened the door she would walk down a path of red rose petals. At the end she would come to the table that was covered with a crimson table cloth. Two tall carmine coloured candles set in the middle of the table were the only light source to the room. As the flames flickered they cast shadows across the rest of the table. A very expensive wine glass sat at each end of the table already half filled with the most expensive Pinot Noir which was Scarlet’s favourite. A Tuscan-red napkin was folded next to each carefully placed set of cutlery.
On the stovetop in the kitchen sat a pot of tomato and basil soup that would make a delicious entrée for the two of them on this perfect night. Which would be followed by an aromatic beetroot risotto for the main course. Then finally they would finish up with individual strawberry cheesecakes. Jackson had slaved for hours in the kitchen. The night had to be absolutely perfect. The prize course for the night sat in the centre of the bench a small red velvet cube that contained an exquisite ring. There were no diamonds, but instead was a large ruby surrounded by many small rubies formed the shape of a love heart in the gold band. Scarlet would not be able to resist her favourite gem.
Scarlet was dressed beautifully. Her amaranth coloured dress was low cut showing off her best assets and there was a split in the skit up to her knee. She wore Jacksons favourite undergarments the matching red bra and g-string with the black lace trimmings. She knew when Jackson promised a three course meal it would end with an extra special dessert. She had topped it off with her favourite Raspberry coloured heels. Her tear drop shaped ruby ear-rings and matching necklace topped the ensemble off. Her freshly died burgundy hair also accented the green of her eyes. Scarlet was very pleased with how she looked.
On the dresser in the bedroom was a note written on red rose bordered paper.
“Roses are red,
Voilets are blue.
Tonight I’ll make a
Perfect dinner for you.”
The two of them had been seeing each other for three years now and had lived in this house together for six months. It had taken Jackson a little while to get used to everything being the colour of red. The bath towels, the mats, the saucepans, the kettle and the paintings that hung on the walls. He had grown used to it and been thankful that the love of his life’s favourite colour was not pink.
Jackson climbed the last stair to their fourth floor apartment. He couldn’t believe that he had forgotten the whipped cream. Tonight was certainly going to be one for the record books. He adjusted his amaranth coloured tie and hoped that Scarlet had picked out her amaranth coloured dress. He shook his head as he remembered a few years ago when red was just red. Now red was so much more so many shades and emotions from the one colour. He pulled out his keys which were also red. He smiled when he remembered the day that Scarlet had handed them over to him. She had been wearing a coral coloured jumpsuit and had packed and moved numerous boxes out of her apartment so that he could move his stuff in. He naturally Auburn coloured hair was plastered to her forehead with sweat. Whenever he brings up that day she whines about how disgusting she looked and she wished that she had a shower before she had asked him. But that day she couldn’t have looked more beautiful there was nothing more beautiful than someone wanting to share their life with you. He knew from that day that he was going to ask her. But she had rules and time frames that he had to adhere to or he would never hear the end of it.
He put his key in the lock and it popped open easily. The rose petals and the table settings and the food were all exactly where he left them. The candles that he had left burning were still there. His heart stopped for a moment as he thought of the fact that he could have burnt down the whole apartment and it could have been their worst night ever. He couldn’t believe he had forgotten one of the most important parts of the night. He put the whipped cream in the fridge. Then he rearranged the red roses in the middle of the table. He imagined her face when he brought her out from the bedroom. He guessed she would be in there working on her assignment. After making one last adjustment to the table he went to collect her. He moved around the other side of the table and stood into a puddle. He couldn’t remember spilling any wine. He examined the puddle and when he saw the source of it his heart really did stop. Scarlet in all her finest evening wear was lying face down in a puddle of her own blood.
“Red is the colour of blood.”


Challenge to write a Vignette

Word Limit- 1000
Actual word count- 1000


  1. Oooooh... this left me wanting to know what happened next. Nicely done.

  2. Unfair! I call a red flag... I want to know what happened to her and why. And now I'll be seeing so many different shades of red. Well done.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  3. Wow! What an ending! Was not expecting that in the slightest, very cool.